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Can our own biology mimic the galaxies/space? Pretend all planets are cells and the space in between is interstitial such as our interstitial fluid, just made up of different material/mass. Our cells are permeable to specific/non-specific things. Thus, planets are permeable to such things as well (whatever has affinity towards it). Can we understand more by looking within our own physiology/anatomy. Like microbiology each planet has its own specific mechanisms of action, development, adaption/survival, and effect towards its internal and external environment. After all it is all living so it has been adapting/expanding far longer than human species. May we ever understand all of that out there, or is our knowledge confined to this earth or our own bodies? Must we die to gain knowledge further than a certain point of realization? I believe in other intelligent life of all types and stages. There must be advanced intelligent life from existing longer than we have as well as less advanced being of more rescent existance. It must all be connected somehow down to a molecular state.  I believe that a combination of physics, astronomy, chemistry, anatomy, math, biology, and microbiology would gain us this knowledge (maybe even psychology). If we understood all subjects fluently and were able to piece it together in the correct areas. I also believe in chromosomes of all living things holding keys to such answers, just as math is the universal language of all intelligent life. We are on our way however, through advancements in modern medicine, nutrition, and environmental precautions we have expanded our years of life expectancy. As a result our own bodies are adapting as well, woman are reaching puberty and menarche at a younger age  able to except pregnancy at a much younger age, (still not right). So we are evolving as a species physiologically with out any effort, (nutrition has alot to do with that as well as stressfull living situations growing up). As we adapt so must everything else. Our knowledge of external things (outside the earth) is relevant to our knowledge of internal things such as within our bodies to within our own planet. ...Off the mark think about our nervous system then think about space travel. Is a meylin sheath the equivalent to a black hole/wormhole. Just as the sheath speeds up transmission, must we navigate into a black hole to rapidly reach extreme distances? Or maybe the sheath mimics intrestellar sailing or the warp drive concepts.  Could that even be time travel? I never mentioned technology but the advancements are awesome.. BUT.. will technology eventually adapt its own self and outgrow us as a species. Will it discover the imperfect balance of nature within our existence and try to correct it, or do I watch too much television and read too much sci-fi.

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