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 Re: LHC@home wrong URL  Help 08/19/16 09:49 pm
Sorry, no progress on this; apologies for the slow pace of work....

 Re: Project Hogging both processor cores  Help 04/10/13 01:56 pm
Generally, you should see one running task per core. ClimatePrediction had some bad workunits for a spell; maybe suspend that project temporarily, and see if this helps?...

 Re: Volunteer Computing in the Classroom  Education 03/27/13 05:54 pm
Sure, Anthony. Thanks for the offer. Please do talk with anyone, and post back with details. ...

 Re: Installer for Mac, Intel only?  Help 01/02/13 08:02 pm

Sorry if this is a dumb question -- but are you sure it's the same email address (used at the original GR account and when attaching the new computer)?

In any case, one thing to check: in the desktop softwares of an old machine & the new one, under "advanced view" and in the "projects" tab -- are the listed account names the same?


 Re: Installer for Mac, Intel only?  Help 12/31/12 04:44 pm

Try this --

In your desktop software, click the "advanced view" button in lower right. then under the "tools" menu there might be an option that says "attach to account manager". if so, pick that, enter and when asked the email + pw you use to login here...

Let me know if that works...


 Re: Volunteer usage statistics available?  Help 12/28/12 08:08 pm
Thanks; and thanks for your participation ~...

 Re: Volunteer usage statistics available?  Help 12/27/12 06:23 pm
At present it is not -- mostly on account of having no UI to display it, and no sense that this is of sufficient general interest to warrant adding complexity to the UI. If you are doing research in this area, though, pleasecontact usand we can discuss your interests and needs and what we can provide....

 Re: Installer for Mac, Intel only?  Help 12/27/12 06:17 pm

Hi Chris. Seems you're right -- at some point the installer lost PPC compatibility, thought the app is PPC compatible. Apologies.

One solution: theProgress Thru Processors(PTP) installer still works on older Macs -- do you have a Facebook account? Might you want to sign up there? (During the simple registration process, you can link your new PTP app to your existing GR account; it just integrates everything into Facebook, which is kind of nice.) Just go, then click the "join" button.

If you don't have a Facebook account, or don't want to add PTP to such account, you can use an older version of BOINC for Mac, availablehere.


 Re: Installer for Mac, Intel only?  Help 12/18/12 05:59 pm
Hmmm... I'm running on a PPC Mac; let me take a look and see if I can reproduce your issue......

 Re: Upgraded Server Not Showing Up  Help 07/02/12 03:27 pm
Thanks... and FYI for future readers -- logging out and the logging back in will do the same thing as the refresh button....

 Re: Upgraded Server Not Showing Up  Help 07/02/12 01:17 am
The unique identifier for an account is email, not user name or computer name -- I wonder, did you retain the same email when you signed up the new machine?...

 Re: signing key issue  Help 06/21/12 03:19 pm

you wrote "....first time was not a gr user, so just installed, then it asked for the ptp email/pass, which i entered..."

So here's the thing: (a) when you join PTP, in most cases, the installer should not ask you for email + PW. but under some circumstances it does ask. in these case, though it does not want your FB email+PW; it wants your PTP credentials. you can get your PTP credenials only here:

So try this --

  1. Open your desktop software
  2. If you are in "Simple View", click the "Advanced View" button in the lower right
  3. In the menubar, click "Advanced", then click "Stop using GridRepublic"
  4. In the menubar, click "Tools", then click "Attach to account manager"
  5. Specify
  6. Enter the email + PW you seehere
...Let me know if that gets you going...


 Re: signing key issue  Help 06/19/12 09:54 pm

Sorry to hear you are having troubles. I wonder --

  • Were you a GR user before you tried to add PTP?
  • Are you attempting in install on Linux?

 Re: LHC@home wrong URL  Help 05/10/12 05:59 pm

The good news and the bad news is that we've got a number of projects ongoing, all managed with limited resources --Progress Thru Processors,Charity Engine,SXSW Actionprimary among these (though one other exciting project is in the works). So this major GR overhaul, and some little things that we've bundled with that, have been serially postponed. Apolgies for that, but hope you're as excited about these other areas of growth as we are.

Bottom line is that the answer -- really, truly -- is "soon".  Thanks for your patience.


 Re: Computer not in gridrepublic list  Help 05/04/12 01:37 am

Just to be clear -- currently GR is designed to show all the computers you ever had -- the idea is that we provide a complete record of your contributions to date. we figured that's what people wanted.

Having said that -- It seems some people want only currently active machine, shown. At some point we'll add a toggle somewhere, so you can choose between these views. But that's not a super-near-term item, i don't think...Sorry about that, if it feels wrong to you as-is...


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