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Cannot Add World Community Grid

Cannot Add World Community Grid

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I have a Wolrd Community Grid account and it was once on my GriRepublic account, but when I recently logged in to GR it reported an error that it had to remove WCG from my projects list. I cannot remember what the exact error was. So I tried to add WCG and it won't add, the page just reloads but does not add WCG. My name on WCG is 'Stephen Judge' and my name on GR is 'Stephen Judge', the email addresses are the same but the passwords for WCG and GR are different. Is there a reason why I can't add WCG. I haven't found anyone in the WCG forum reporting the same problem.
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I can't be the only one having this problem? Can anyone from the GridRepublic tell me what's going on here?
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Hi Stephen,

I can help you with this.  Attaching to World Community Grid via GridRepublic is a bit tricky.  You have to link your account with the "member name" that you use on World Community Grid instead of your email.  I just tested this with my WCG account by detaching then joining WCG from GridRepublic.

If you have further issues contact me via the contact us form


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Argh I feel like a fool now. I was aware how World Community Grid worked, with name rather than email address. However I have the NoScript Add-on installed on my Firefox browser which block cross website scripting and the like. So when I was pressing the Add button to add WCG, instead of loading the page for me to link my account, I was just getting the same Add page reloaded.

 I logged into GR on a different browser I never use and I was then able to Add WCG, link my account and proceed. Why didn't I realise this was the problem. Sorry for wasting your time and thanks for the help.

ID: 15261
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Yes, that would do it. Glad you figured out what was blocking the action.

Glad to have you with GridRepublic. 

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I try with my account already created in WCG to attach it to my account in GR but it says: "Member Name 'username' is not available"

any can help me ?

thank you 

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That same issue has been happening to me since the beginning of May.
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I'm experiencing the same problem

any ideas?

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I have the exact same problem
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I have this problem also.
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Same issue. Please help.
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A number of changes were made to the attachment process for WCG, it should be working again now.
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