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Creating a better system for Grid crunching.

Creating a better system for Grid crunching.

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I have a few systems running the BOINC software:  winxp64 pro, winxp, Mac10.5.5.  and any other person's computer that I fix for them.

One of my work mates has just bought a new PC Linux system just to number crunch for SETI: est 500euro.,

My question is there a cheaper method of building a Good system for crunching,

I'm aware that SLI graphic cards can be paired to do this and as much ram as possible is good.. I'm looking for a CHEAP method to fill a few case's I have lying around. I want to put together a small system with a wifi card, double laptop batery's to power it and a Solar panel/wind vane to keep them toped up.. a build and forget system to see how it works out..

Has anyone built a Cheap system that they are willing to share the spec with.

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that's a neat idea.  

so far as processing power is concerned, i think you get most effect from graphics chips/cards (for projects that support this, which are only a few).

as for memory, most projects don't actually use a lot.  having said this: i think you will get one workunit for each core, so the more cores you have the more memory you will need.  (i'm not sure how GPUs affect memory use).

another thought: if you are interested in a solar-powered rig, you might consider a lower power chip like an Atom or ARM: these will provide fewer FLOPs overall, but much better FLOPS/watt.

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