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GridRepublic Fundraising/Giving and Project Advocasy

GridRepublic Fundraising/Giving and Project Advocasy

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In the giving section it might be a good idea to create progress to different goals.  Possibly with this setup money can be directed to development of different features.  It could also be used to display different teams and groups who are doing fundrasing for GridRepublic a tool to track their progress as well.  Similar to the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life's team get when doing fundraising. 

Teams, Widgets, etc with an estimated costs to have completed so that people can give towards adding those features to the site.  It would also add to the sites interaction of development as we will see what users would like to see next as well as give more openness to the GR operation. 

Secondly what about making an option that when money is given to GridRepublic a proportion of it can be passed on to a project of their choice? 

Example I give $100 $95 stays with GridRepublic and I select Rosetta@home and SETI  of that $5 I can choose to give $3 to the Rosetta project and $2 to the SETI project which GridRepublic can pass on at either instantly or after x amout is reached or x days. 

You might even consider adding the ability to donate a % to outreach for certain projects and have stated if that project goes under or is dropped due to security concerns the money will go in a general awareness fund to help all projects in that category.    GridRepublic then becomes a central donation point as well and it can help to provide finacial backing for GridRepublic's development and promotion of projects as well as general operating funds for this nonprofit.

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