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Where have you found GridRepublic?

Where have you found GridRepublic?

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Where have you heard of mention of GridRepublic on the web and in the world?
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Greetings Spark,

A friend of mine <Jonathan Brier> told me about this website when i was searching for a remote solution to manage the projects on my hosts.


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Through BOINC
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Ditto. Via BOINC.
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I think besides BOINC and word-of-mouth, our biggest source of new users is Google: they donate a generous amount of search-advertising, and we post ads for GridRepublic and a range of projects.
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As sayd before, via BOINC
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well i guess our more activist users are coming from BOINC, which is maybe not surprising.

the core activity of volunteer computing is passive -- and in fact, this has been part of the the pitch, "do something constructive without doing anything."  i think the fact that we have been promoting it as a simple, background thing, combined with the fact that we had no online community for a long time, has resulted in a less-activist userbase at GR.

we need to be more active in engaging people in the project of growing volunteer computing.  any suggestions?  (one big item, though it has a high development cost, is support for teams.)

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I've discovered gridreplublic through BOINC.

About having a more active community. I think thats a good goal because no one has more interest in keeping things updated and with a fresh feeling has the users motivated to contribute. For example, most projects page seem outdated and some projects have even ended but it's not easy to see that or the results obtained. Being hable to keep the information about each project updated and results/statistics at hand would be very nice! 

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Thanks.  Yes, it is true that we are behind in maintaining the project lists.  It is a bit more labor intensive that it looks.  A primary issue is writing descriptions for new projects.  We like to have clear and engaging summaries for each project, and this can take some time as the sites themselves typically are not good sources for this.  So, maybe we can use the wiki for this -- to get the community involved in the writing.  This would be a big help.  I'll re-arrange things a bit in the Projects WIki; I'll post back when this is done.

Posting project research results is also a good idea, though most projects are not super diligent about making this info available.  We'll have to identify a means of keeping on top of this better, i agree.  Any suggestions, let me know. 

As for your other points -- we do have good stats for each project here, and there are personal stats and a personal chart on the home/status page when you login.  

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Ok, I've reorganized the Projects Wiki -- now there is a section that lists projects not yet available here at GR ("Other Projects").  If anyone wants to add to this list, that would be great.  And if anyone would like to write an article for any of the new projects that would be doubly-great.  

Really, we don't need the full article, just a 1 - 3 paragraph overview is what's necessary to get the project online (among other things).  Overviews should describe the project in simple language, and should explain the science in terms of it's potential impact (ie, overviews should make the case for why the research matters to an ordinary person) 

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I found grid republic at and I can not figure out why they would have directed me to this distributed computing account manager when their projects are not even linked to the available projects through this account manager. Who sold them the Brooklyn Bridge?

I was reading about one of the projects I participate in through the stock Boinc account manager, specifically Then though the Ibercives homepage, I discovered the gridrepublic account manager download. As one who is almost always to willing to test whether or not a new program will demolish my computer or not, clicking the button, "are you sure you wish to proceed with this download that may totally hose your computer?" I proceeded with the gridrepublic download through the project for Spanish scientific research. After the download, the projects available for using with gridrepublic did not even include as an option. So that, to my simple mind, seems just plain weird. Another one of my favorite stock Boinc project mangager projects, although you have to know where the software is (it is not automatically selectable throughn the Boinc manager) in order to attach it to your stock Boinc application managment program is - - Can not attach to it through gridrepublic either. So, PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME! Why is gridrepublic distributed computing account management software a good thing? Thanks -Padma...
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the project at was formerly called Zivis, which we do list.  Apologies, we update our project listings only every few months, and so this is currently out of date.  intelligence realm we ommitted because it is for-profit.  there is some discussion of this issue in another thread, here.  so as it happens, you have stumbled upon two special cases.  

i think in the overwhelming majority of cases, gridrepublic serves a useful role in helping to find, understand, join and manage projects from within a simple, central user interface.  and also we seek to build a friendly community.

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Via BOINC's portal, I see it and also BAM! And I prefer user GR (firt look was more simple!).
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Hi Matt.

You do list the Zivis project, but maybe with a bad server address because it looks impossible to join. That's my only Boinc account I can't manage with GridRepublic.

I've recently received a mail from Ibercivis (Zivis) saying they have new servers and that some Boinc clients may need to "Reload Project"...

Hope you can fix it. 

Thank you Grid Republic ! 

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ok i got it
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