Volunteer Computing Everywhere!

Help us spread the word -- every user we add means more computing power, more computing power opens new avenues of research in Science and Medicine.


Top 10 Simple Ways To Help

  1. Join our Fan Page on Facebook and add the Progress Thru Processors Applicaiton on Facebook (built and operated in association with Intel).
  2. Circle our Google+ page and +1
  3. Talk about GridRepublic on your website or blog (tell us so we can take a look)
  4. Post a ribbon or banner ad on your website or blog
  5. Contact other website or blogs: get them write about GridRepublic and/or link to us
  6. Contribute as a developer, designer, writer, tester, or user-support expert
  7. Tell everyone you know!
  8. Send a donation, buy some gifts, or host a fundraiser to support GridRepublic's operation and accelerate devleopment and outreach. (GridRepublic is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States - Tax Deductable Gifts possible)
  9. Follow GridRepublic on LinkedIn
  10. Talk to your leaders of organizations and businesses about supporting GridRepublic. Check out some ideas and submit your own.

Fact Sheet / Project Summary

Here's a simple 1-page description of what it's all about...

Online Activism

Help get the word out online -- social networks, blogs, buttons, banner advertisements, etc. Check out-- and please contribute to-- this list of things we can do.

Activism via Traditional Media

Help us get into the news on television and print media. (But please, don't do anything that will get you-- or us-- injured or in trouble with the law.)

In particular, let's target local television, radio, and newspapers. This includes School television, radio, newspapers, and websites.

Local Activism

Help get the word out by mounting a campaign at your school or in your community. Check out-- and please contribute to-- this list of things you can do.

Parties, Concerts & MeetUps

We seriously need your help raising funds and awareness. Of course, you can send a donation or buy GridRepublic Gear. But how about throwing a party or organizing a concert? Or, just get together with others in your area by planning a MeetUp.

Produce Video

Are you a film/television/video professional, or just have great chops?

  1. Connect to us on LinkedIn
  2. Let's collaborate on short educational videos for GridRepublic and for each project.
  • Short viral 15 or 30 second PSAs,
  • Longer form videos which explain the science behind each project.

Business Outreach

Businessess can be powerful allies -- First, a lot of the computers in the world are of course inside companies. But so equally are a lot of the resources and expertise. Help us reach out to your company.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us here.