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Website Optimization Tool from Google and Drupal

Website Optimization Tool from Google and Drupal

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I read in TechCrunch that Google open sourced its web page optimisation tool called Page Speed which they use on their websites.  I thought you may want to check it out.  It is a companion to firebug. Also found an extention from Drupal.

I ran it on jsut to test it out and there were a few very easy suggestions for GridRepublic such as compressing a few images and making them browser cashable. This could reduce bandwidth use and increase performance in general.

Here's the link: 

Knowing you're looking at Drupal.  There is also a drupal optimiser extention for firebug (from the drupal team) as well which you may want to check out.  Link:   The Drupal for Firebug module has to be installed/enabled for this to be used.

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thanks; for sure the drupalized version will be much more optimized than the current site.
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